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GHAZEL: clothes e-shop

Year of develop - 2015

Development period - 10 days

Platform - SmartyCMS

Design - Goracio


Online shop was developed by another studio, but completely redesigned by us. Initially, we were hired for a website maintenance, it's initial view can be found in our portfolio "Ghazel Shop". Now it was held the global work on the site, we have made:

  • complete redesign of the site into a more modern and beautiful view
  • binding site database products with 1C: once a day all the goods are unloaded from 1C to the site, allowing you to easily and efficiently manage available to purchase products
  • the ability to view the catalog and order goods in a different currency (active only for users from Russia)
  • implementation of receiving all site products in YML format, with a choice of currency
link to the site: ghazel.com.ua
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