Our team

Serge, CEO
Education: higher, department of Mechanics and Mathematics, department of Economics of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

The main task - to puzzle everyone else. Sometimes he have to use brute force for it, but trying to do with only good news, but rather say good words. Communicates with customers, constantly restrain himself from using favorite phrases: "Let's work on the full prepayment" and "Give money. Pleeeeease.". He often refuse to work without technical specification, although he is ready to make it in his own. He loves unusual problems and find creative solutions. Sometimes these solutions can not be understood by the others. Sometimes even by himself. He loves animals. In addition to the zoo at work keeps a cat, dog, fishes, turtles, and even chickens. Most often he prefers "cappuccino".

Ilya, frontend-developer, popularly known as "psd2html"
Education: IT Academy "STEP"

Give him a layout, a few buckets of coffee and a couple of days to work and abandon. No one knows what happens behind closed doors, but as the output he provides ready pages of the site, which the programmer will continue to handle. He knows such terrible words as Photoshop and Gimp, constantly afraid of them everyone passing by. For stable operation uses "Americano". His hobby is sports and he dreams of becoming the iron man - to run a marathon, cross hundred or two kilometers on the bike, and to secure the effect - swim across a little sea. And all this without a break, except for the page-proof of the next layout.

Tetiana, project manager
Education: higher, department of Informatics and Management NTU KPI

She manages projects and constantly kicks programmers. For any business approaches with maximum responsibility, trying to perform all tasks with very high quality. Owns Jedi suggestion: makes programmers to perform tasks in set deadlines, despite the rockfalls, hurricanes, storms and other nasty stuff. At the moment, the only person who decorates our office. In all senses. In addition to her presence we got the paintings, that are raising the cultural level of all employees, flowers and even a mirror, which, it turned out, was in need by everyone. Always serious and doesn't like to pose for the camera faces, even when asked. She prefers green tea.

Kostya, web-developer or simply "all inclusive"
Education: higher, Telecom Specialist in KNURE

Because our team is shorthanded he forced to combine both front-end and back-end developers. And, surprisingly, the quality of the output product is very high. He does not like to correct own mistakes, from which constantly suffers. Before start, he specifies a set of clarifying questions, without a full understanding of the desired result refuses to do anything. The only team member who is married, so free time is not enough for all sorts of nonsense: just washing, cleaning, cooking and self-education. An ardent opponent of alcohol, coffee and different substances, but that did not stop him join our team.

Ilya, backend developer, popularly known as the programmer
Education: higher (in the process of acquisition), a student of department of Mechanics and Mathematics of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

It is still a trainee, but bearded and stern. Nearly all of his code works only the second time, but it's only a matter of practice. Guided by the motto of the studio "We do the impossible," solves problems of any complexity, сonstantly asking for additional tasks. Oddly enough,apart from work, he manages to do a lot of useful stuff: to cook food for a full three meals, go to the gym and occasionally watch new movies. Apparently, the "Sleep is for wimps" principle is not just an empty phrase for him, but a cup of strong "espresso" clearly helps the process at the beginning of a day.