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You can also download brief. After filling it, please, send it to the address office@sevenlines.com.ua, we will contact you for further details and the beginning of our productive cooperation.

Company Information

Company Name:
Main products and provided services:
Current website address:
Ways of communication:
Contact person: *
Phone: *
E-mail: *
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Market position:
Field of activity:
Target audience:


If company has already has logo and corporate style – please tell about it. Moreover, you can define which elements of the corporate style should be developed.
Logo of the company (link):
Corporate style
(Is there any developed corporate style, company brand book? Does it need to be developed?)
Best of all is to give examples of company’s sites, which work in your field, if there are no such sites – give any others. Please do not forget to define the main reasons for these or other examples included to this list.
Website address, which you like and what exactly, list please:
Website address, which you do not like and what exactly, list please:
Do you have any ideas which you want to embody in design?
What do not you absolutely want to see into website design?


Prospective type of site:

Required modules:
Mark the modules, which you think are necessary for the site. Or offer your own:

Your variants:
Sections of the site:
Specify the expected main sections of your future site, describe the main page and comment the content of sections (indicating the type of content or features of each page):

Your variants:

Budget and deadline**

Specify the estimated budget for developing website:
Specify desired and compulsory deadlines for the project:

**Specify the approximate budget or not is your choice. If you don’t specify it, you can be in scoring in case if the developer would define lower costs. But there is a risk to receive less of what the developer is ready to offer for the money that you are actually ready to pay. If you define the approximate cost, you allow the developer to offer you without guessing the solutions in price limits saving time of both sides. Moreover, defining the price range does not negate the developer need to define the sum, which he asks for his work.

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