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nothing is impossible
наиболее охраняемый секрет веб-разработчиков

About us

Draw, and then program 7 red mutually perpendicular lines, in a way that one of them appeared to be green. Make it under a time pressure at affordable prices. Have you thought this is impossible?

At ease!

7 Lines STUDIO deals with websites development of any complexity. The difficult we do at once. The impossible takes a little longer.

Advantages of working with us:

Unique CMS

Intuitive interface makes working in the admin panel pleasure for everybody. With it build-up new modules for your site become a piece of cake; also it is search engine friendly.


More than 50 sites have been successfully developed in our studio, from elementary promo sites to multi-functional internet-portals. Be sure, we know how to treat different CMS, even “self-elaborated”.

Personal approach

We can make all your wishes to be true. We promise you feel our care on each stage of the cooperation and stay satisfied with its results.


All amount of work occurs in a single studio: design and programming, technical support and SEO.


The company guarantee and technical support are intrinsic component of every our site.

Additionally, we provide free of charge consultations on any matter of the site functionality.

Loyalty program

Special offers to all our regular customers and in cases of ordering a package of services are secured. Look out for the discounts!

We are not afraid of challenges!

Our works


    Our Services

    Business card-site

    The goal is to familiarize user with our company’s activity, its services, offered products and invite for cooperation. It includes a minimum number of pages and functions, which are required for a quick and effective startup on the Internet. If you want, it can include a contact page with feedback module.

    Period – 3-5 working days

    from 200 USD

    The price includes:

    • Domain (for 1 year, in proposed domain zones);
    • Hosting (for 3 months);
    • Design (both template and individual);
    • Typesetting;
    • Programming on admin area.
    Online shop

    The goal is provide an opportunity for the own business realization for both novice and large companies. The website is creating using convenient and understandable for any user CMS. It can include both standard set of store functions and individually developed modules for specific project tasks.

    Period – 8-15 working days

    from 450 USD

    The price includes:

    • Domain (for 1 year, in proposed domain zones);
    • Hosting (for 3 months);
    • Design;
    • Typesetting;
    • Programming on admin area.
    The corporate website

    This website is an extended version of ‘Business Card’ and contains more pages and modules. If it is necessary, catalog of products and services, the ability of writing comments about the company generally or about products and services can be added and if customer wants, the unique functions can be developed.

    Period – 5-10 working days

    from 300 USD

    The price includes:

    • Domain (for 1 year, in proposed domain zones);
    • Hosting (for 3 months);
    • Design;
    • Typesetting;
    • Typesetting for mobile devices;
    • Programming on admin area.
    Landing page

    The goal is to introduce one certain service/product to user, arouse interest and fix a contact with client/buyer (using feedback form).

    Ideally, this is making a purchase. Also “deferred contact” is possible - quick and brief information message on the Landing and further transition to a larger corporate or other selling resource.

    from 175 USD

    The price includes:

    • Domain (for 1 year, in proposed domain zones);
    • Hosting (for 1 month);
    • Design, typesetting;
    • Programming on admin area.
    Technical support

    from 20 USD/month

    The price includes:

    • technical diagnostics of problems on your site;
    • correction mistakes which interfere with website promotion;
    • corrections and refinement of the existing modules;
    • improvement or complete website redesign without changing functionality;
    • development of the version of site for mobile devices;
    • development of a new website functionality;
    • transfer to another website hosting, creation “mirrors” for the site;
    • help in solving problems with the unavailability of website, hosting, sending mail from the site.

    from 50 USD/month

    The price includes:

    • construction of semantic site (structured set of thematic words and phrases which using results in finding your website in the search systems. Based on the drawn up targeted requests, conducts the internal and external optimization of the website);
    • context advertising in Google and Yandex;
    • SEO-optimization of the website’s pages;
    • website promotion with SEO-articles;
    • registration and management of pages in social networks;
    • filling the site with information (search, rewrite, placement, news’ management etc.).

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